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Nikki is an actor and writer based in London. Nikki’s career in TV and film started on screen where she played lead on one of the Russel T Davies channel trio hit show Banana. Nikki played Zara, a sixteen-year-old Nigerian school girl that has ended up in the wrong hands in Manchester and is now at risk. Banana was then picked up by Netflix in October 2020.


After Banana, Nikki went on to working on numerous projects including a play by Abe Abraham, a commercial and a few short films. One of the short film “ocean” by Seye Isikalu did rounds in festival including Lagos photo festival. Nikki also starred in Freddy Suborn short film “Isla Traena”.


After taking a break from the creative industry in 2019 due to long going health battles, Nikki earned some life experiences under her belt by taking on the finance world where she worked as an analyst before deciding to return to the creative arts.


Nikki completed her first script Why Me? in 2021. Written by and starring Nikki Fagbemi, this short film was part of Unearthed Narratives, a five-part short film series produced by DBK Studios, in partnership with Sky Studios.


“Why Me?” will premier on Sky arts on April 7th 2022 10:45pm. Since completing her short film, Nikki has been developing her own original series and most recently participated in the writers room for a Sky original comedy series.

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